As a company that has been environmentally aware for many years, we are proud to be actively striving to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Ingredients, Food, Waste, Recycling

  • We are proud to work in partnership with CLIMAVORE, thinking about our ingredients through the lens of sustainability and climate change. Since we started working with this important group in 2017 we have removed farmed salmon for our menus and we only use suppliers of hand dived scallops and rope grown mussels where possible. 
  • Our takeaway containers are all biodegradable
  • We separate our food waste and give around 50% of it to a local community organisation who then use this for compost
  • We recycle all of our cardboard, plastic and glass waste
  • We have stopped stocking so many bottles of beer to stocking more beers on draught to lighten the glass bottle waste
  • We have removed all single-use toiletries from our rooms – no more little plastic bottles!

Energy & Water

  • We use 50% led bulbs which use less energy than regular bulbs and we hope to be 100% by Spring 2023
  • Our heating system isolates specific rooms or parts of the hotel so we only heat the areas that need to be heated
  • We have automatic lights around the halls and in the bathrooms of our rooms which turn off when you leave the room to save energy
  • Housekeeping is now request only so we don’t clean unnecessarily
  • We ask our guests to think about whether they need fresh towels or if they are happy to reuse them. 9 time out of 10 our guests choose to reuse so this saves a lot of energy and water